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It isn’t everyday you’ll come across an honest legit escort agency for Naples FL escorts. Sure there are abundance of escort directories self proclaimed 5 Star reputable escort agencies and or independent escorts out there who want to be the best, but are they the best? Gentlemen and ladies unlike other agencies KBL is a family owned agency. We knows the city thus its people and we listen to what is needed. Kitty Box Live became a licensed escort service to provide legitimate work for those that enjoy the life style of being a companionship worker. You can work as an escort in a safe environment. Work peacefully knowing both you and the clients booking with Kitty Box Live for services are vetted on both sides.

In addition

 Kitty Box Live main focus for escort companionship service is in the Naples FL and Fort Myers area.  Services provided is unique to each and every individual. There is no one size fits all kind of bargains here. You will be treated with the utmost respect and a 5 star fantasy booking of a life time. When you book with us in your booking form it is recommended you tell us in detail what your fantasy is, so that we can accommodate you best.  We have the best escorts in Naples FL and the best escorts in Fort Myers FL ready to spend their time and companionship with you.

Our Objective:

While this article is also to inform the community of a licensed escort service in the Naples FL and Fort Myers FL area, it is also a message to independent escorts as well. Come work with us as a licensed escort providing you with legitimate work to file your 1099s at the end of the year. Be protected knowing you have a strong licensed reputable agency that stands behind you. Work for an escort agency that supports you and helps you succeed in being a professional escort and normalizing companionship. Give loyalty to a company that practices good business ethnics.

Working for an established escort service in Lee and Collier county will help you less likely to be caught up in a sting operation. Too commonly john does ignorant to the legality of legal escort services in the city get set up. Escort agencies are regulated just like strip clubs are regulated and this is to keep these types of business honest and held accountable. If you are a client looking for companionship services and you book from an independent escort. Escorts not associated with an escort agency and is working for some random “Agency” not registered. If the agency or escort steal from you what are you to do then? You take that “L” because you knew the risk, because you conducted in illegal business.


Furthermore, Whom do you report this to? You can not report this incident without getting yourself in trouble. What if something physical happened and you the client end up hurt ? What if an escort gets hurt? Who is going to be held accountable? I hate to tell you but you’ve got yourself a situation. Booking from a non licensed escort from a non licensed escort agency providing service. It is a catch 22, booking escorts that way for companionship is a risk you need not to take. It is the 21st century. Everyone books escorts! What you do as an individual is your business. However there is a stress free discrete way book companionship and that is with Kitty Box Live LLC.

Hiring Escorts for companionship

Kitty Box Live LLC is accepting applications. We are always hiring because there is always room for those that believe in working their won schedule and for themselves. Work with Kitty Box Live Naples FL escorts and Fort Myers FL escorts agency and earn yourself a lavish financially free life style. Also, there is no need to be embarrassed about being an escort for companionship. They aren’t the ones paying your bills so anything that is being said is irrelevant. You are a high classed upscale professional licensed escort. No matter if you are male or female get that money and have fun doing it. We have a full on staff for support to confidentially talk to someone about your bookings. We are open minded about how bookings may be affecting you or how to better connect with your clients.


A lot of people think escorts are forced into companionship. The escorts are just robots and wants to just get the money and go. Escort agencies don’t pay them fairly that some of the women are underage. There is no misconception it is true. There are hundreds of “escort agencies” that do participate in those heinous activities. That is why Kitty Box Live may sound repetitive about the legality of its licensure. However, it is to help those that likes companionship work. Also to protect anyone looking for honest companionship without any of the fears listed here in this article.

Share this article with many that will allow it because this could help safe lives.  Backpage though heinous as the owners many feel that it should been kept alive because most of the women and children there were being found, rescued and reunited with their loved ones and it helped bring those inhumane people to justice.

Escort Agency Awareness

Continually, It is these reasons why we have made it known to the public that there is a safe way to book escorts for companionship. There is no need to put yourself or the escort at risk for a little companionship that may cost you a whole lot of regret than happiness. Book legally with Kitty Box Live. Work legally in a safe work environment with a legit long  time trusted licensed escort agency in Naples FL.

Today you can make a difference by sharing this article. Share the web address for like minded individuals looking for companionship or legal escort companionship work. This viable information will help knock down a lot of crime by pointing people who do not know where to go. So stay safe and book from a safe and discrete agency. Call today and Book the fantasy of a life time with Kitty Box Live LLC.

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