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Do not apply if you cannot follow directions, have a drug problem, cannot adhere to the scheduled you have set. All escorts will be licensed to work as such, there are no cash payments. Rules and Regulations that are broken in the employee manual is an automatic termination of your contract with KBL.
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Photos We are NOT a cell phone pic/fly by night Service. We gladly doctor/blur your photos (facial and tattoos) to keep your privacy all your own. These are for evaluation only and will NOT be published anywhere unless you enter into an agreement to work with us. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ARE A REQUIREMENT. YOU WILL NOT COMMAND HIGH RATES FOR YOUR TIME WITH 'SELFIES.' We command a higher quality working woman.
This is to prove your age only! To be advertised you must prove your legal age. A photo of your State ID, Driver's License or Passport is acceptable.

Thank you for applying


Thank you for your interest in joining KBL’S southwest FL escort service team. If you are looking for a fun fast way to make a supplement income you’ve come to the right place. We have helped independent escorts time and time again by providing a safe and secure way of making your income. We take our jobs here seriously at Kitty Box Live any time that you go out and meet a client through KBL remember you are the forefront of this company. You are in the business of entertainment so we want to hire fun and energetic individuals who can work at a fast pace and can adjust and adapt based on the clients needs, yet be professional at the same time. There is a high demand for escorts located in these cities, so if you are in these locations we urge you to apply; there are a lot of eager men and women waiting to meet you.

The following locations in high demand are as follows

  • Naples FL
  • Fort Myers FL
  • Cape Coral FL
  • Venice FL

Hiring Process:

There will be someone from our staff that will call you to do a telephone interview. We will ask you the one question here to not waste anyone who is interested in working as an escort time. The question asked will determine if you have a future of a contractual agreement with KBL in other words if you are eligible for hire. Have you arrested in or convicted to any charges related to drugs or prostitution? If you answer is yes then you are not eligible of contractual employment under KBL because you will not be able to obtain as escort license with the city of Fort Myers FL. After your phone interview we will schedule a meeting and from there decide if we’d like to proceed with your hiring process.


transportation is provided for those that do not have vehicles don’t let that be the cause of why you do not apply. Having a driver has its benefits as well. We will make sure you arrive to and from your bookings in a timely manner. Having a driver also helps keep clients honest because they know someone is waiting for the escort booked. 


KBL gives you the freedom to set your own work hours and schedule. You can work as much as you want or as little as you want it is up to you. However the days and hours you’ve set we expect you to adhere to. If you are always not available during the times you’ve set for clients to book, we will immediately terminate your employment. We need only serious inquiries to apply. We expect you to always look your best be hygienically pleasant and to be well groomed.

Furthermore, do not bring your personal life or issues to work this can make clients very uncomfortable. Stability and reliability are the qualities that we seek in going forward with potential candidates. Unprofessionalism is not tolerated hustlers, go getters and money makers only with positive atmosphere, if you think this is you please apply today. If you are in college, have a part time job, want to be your own boss looking for a supplement income, this is the job for you. Thank you for your interest in employment with KBL have a great day! We look forward towards hearing from you!

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