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Fantasy Booking

Lets talk about booking your fantasy. After all this is all about fantasy and you are the director, the “VIP” front in center of your very own entertainment for the coming hour or so. There is nothing too big or too small that our agency can’t handle to ensure you have the time of your life every time you book with us. Booking escorts should be something special you do for yourself to help relax and ease your mind. It is advised to live in the moment and have fun because in this moment you can be who ever you want to be judgement free. No one with class kisses and tells.

Booked Time

You are paying for the time spent with the escorts. Make the most out of that time and enjoy every moment of it. There is nothing that can compare to the fantasy you booked because you explained what it was you fantasied about. We are not mind readers and we cannot guarantee you 5 star service if we do not know what you think that is. That is why when booking we ask you to use our booking form so we may understand what a perfect 5 star evening looks like to you.

Furthermore, not to be a selfish client think about the escort that you’ve invited over to spend your time with. The evening is just as much about you as it is the escort. The escort is your paid companion for the evening and will to the best of his or her ability make the time spent fun and exciting for you both. Treat your companion as you’d want to be treated and in return it will be a 5 star experience.

Bands to Make Them Dance

As said previously there is nothing too big or small we can’t handle. We do special booking requests. This means a booking deemed out of this world. Tell us what special requests that will make your evening perfect and we will make it happen. We do not have special request booking rates because each special request is unique to each and every client. Rates vary but you are guaranteed the celebrity experience.  The better the description the better the experience.


This unique business relationship between you, the agency and escorts is a beautiful one. Everyone gets what they want no drama no misunderstandings just mutual respectful benefitable fun. Every booking should end in high spirits. Everyone is treated like they are somebody because you are somebody. We take our business relationship with you seriously for a continuous therapeutic experience. Treat us good and we’ll treat you better


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