Escorts Fort Myers FL

Escorts Fort Myers FL

We have the best escorts in town but don’t just take our word for it ask around do you research you’ll hear nothing but great things. 5 star service guaranteed. Why? How can I guarantee this? Great question. Let me fill you in on a little secret. Kitty Box Live has this tab called “booking” and it is there you let us know the number one question. What is your fantasy? C’mon don’t be shy you are the star and narrator in your fantasy. 5 star service is what you envisioned it and like magic we make it happen.

We provide a service so wild and unbelievable you’ll be shouting escorts Fort Myers FL that’s the spot that’s where things are happening. Kitty Box Live provides all kinds of escorts offering different types of entertainment and companionship. If you want your fantasies done right book one of our kitty’s today there is no fantasy too big or small for our escorts to handle.

Local Escorts in Fort Myers FL

All our gals and guys(if any) are located within Collier, Lee, Hendry, Charlotte and Marion County. We service every city located in the counties previously listed. All escorts are ready to hit the ground running based on the availability listed on their profiles. No matter what city you are in we have escorts that available and can meet you within one hour of the time payment is received as a token to your commitment to spending your fantasized evening with your time booked with the escort. Once again ladies and gentlemen searching for escorts Fort Myers FL “No matter the city within counties we provide service; escorts will arrive within one hour of completed payment”.

How Long can I book an Escort

That is completely up to you. If you got you can book it. Under one condition and that is all hour be booked based on the escorts availability posted on his or her profile. However if you are currently on booked time with the escort you booked for the evening and you are coming within 10 -20 minutes in concluded your date. It is ok to ask the escort if they’d like to spend more time with you because you are feeling a connection. The escort will inform the agency on how much more time is being added on and we will send you the client an invoice to be completed for additional time.

Experience Fort Myers FL Escorts

Kitty Box Live is so vocal about booking escorts because we can be. We offer discreet, safe and reliable service better than any other service in the game. Licensed escort services go a long way. You can read about us research us and put a face to a name. Kitty Box Live does not hide we lead by example. Sure you may find some slander that is with any business. The only thing you’ll read about is an upset client who did not want to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth your privilege to book escorts with out agency.

Continually: Experience

Anyone will tell you. If you are good to us we are good to you. Energy matches energy. If you are excellent with us we are excellent to you. We reflect back what is reflected upon us. Newtons laws of attraction. If you are generous we are more than generous back. In the grand scheme of things we are all familiar with the saying ” you get what you pay for”. That is a real saying and one only a select percent % of the world understands. If you are a great client and you spend quite a few bands with us you will always be our celebrity client top of the tier service. We have retained clients since opening March of 2013 and that said a lot. Do you want to know why ? We have retained clients because each booking is unique and personalized by the client themselves.

All Good Thing Come to An End but you can Book Again

That is what they say. The fun lasts until you deem it is over. You’ve had enough excitement and enjoyed yourself thoroughly you would like to book again for next week. Great we would more than be happy to accommodate you when you are ready to book with us again. We want to get deep down into what really makes booking with us worth it for you. We take the time to understand your needs because we care about your happiness and mental health. It is important you take time to yourself and do things for yourself, Take the the time to award yourself for all he hard work you do, appreciate these moments. Book today with Kitty Box Live escorts Fort Myers FL and we will deliver you a 5 star fantasy.

Happy Booking!

Looking for someone to accompany you to you r next social affair, event, night out or even an evening of companionship at home, Call or Text Kitty Box Live today. You can find our number on our contact page as well as our email. Our hours are 24/7 also based on the availability listed on each escorts individual profiles. We want to apologize in advance should you try and contact us via online chat. Sometimes we are extremely busy on answering phones. It is recommended if unable to reach us online to shoot a text or call!

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