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Escort agency in Fort Myers, What are escorts? Well, escorts are great stress relivers. Your time with a professional escort should help you to relax blow off some steam by having someone who is unbiased to converse with. The escort is your friend, confidant and peace. Time spent with her or him should be sacred and special moments. Do not be intimidated by the title professional escort because this is someone who is dedicated to the job and time spent with you.

KittyBoxLive employs professional escorts in Fort Myers FL whom enjoys the job and knows the industry really well. Escorting is a lifestyle and a career of choice in this new day and age. What are escorts? Escorts are the future upon regulated adult entertainment industries and KittyBoxLive is paving the way to safe escorting career paths.

Searching escort agency in Fort Myers FL in your preferred search browser will undoubtedly provide you with several results for your query. However most queries are independent illegal escorts and or unregulated escort businesses. These type of services have no accountability should anything shady be going on. The horror stories found across the internet globe from being assessable to robbery, hidden fees, cat-fished is just the start.

Furthermore, patreons will still utilize these platforms why? “I don’t want anything to link me to escort services”. Understood, while that is a legitimate reason, it is not a safe one. You are just much as at risks as the individual you have invited into your dwelling unvetted. Escort agencies have been sullied and still have a bad reputation in the adult entertainment industry.

Change: Are You Ready?

KittyBoxLive brought about the first change in the escort industry when it became a licensed service in the year 2013. People thought is this a scam? Is it the police ? I don’t trust it, NO! way. Change has happened and this evolution became the first escort agency in Fort Myers FL. The agency hit the ground running marketing its brand with business cards, flyers, TV commercials, social media and newspaper ads.

Everyone is talking about KittyBoxLive. Potential clients are able to always get a live person on the phone to find out more information about the legality of the escort service. Potential employees are able to also talk to someone live and understand the benefits of working on a legit escort business platform. It is a hassle stress free interaction between all parties. Much better than wondering if law enforcement is out waiting to arrest you once funds is collected. The icing on the cake is law police use our services too. Times have really changed.

We don’t Make the Rules We Follow Them

Every Business has rules and regulations they must follow per county ordinance. The escort agency is no different and will uphold and respect the privilege of the escort business license. The integrity of KittyBoxLive is its highest priority and will live up to its name as “The best 5 Star escort service in Fort Myers FL”. The Fort Myers escort agency will become the name brand of escort agencies across the globe. Trust is a two way street. Understand we cannot change procedures simply because a client doesn’t like them.

End Game

It isn’t everyday you get an opportunity where you find yourself a licensed escort agency. There are not many and there should be. Society changes everyday. KittyBoxLive is on the path to something great. Help spread the word to regulate escort friendliness. People should not be ashamed about being an escort or booking one. Help KittyBoxLive give escort agencies a new reputation by sharing our blogs to create a more safe escort friendly atmosphere for clients and escorts.

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