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About KittyBoxLive Escort Service

KittyBoxLive escorts service and or agency is located in Southwest Fl. We Strive to be the best and that means premier service for our new and current clients. We guarantee you the most superlative experience nothing less we do not compete we lead as there isn’t a more finer companionship service on par with our ability to accommodate you based on your needs. KBL understands the need to be discreet, to get what you pay for and to relax and enjoy a uplifting experience with our services.

The year 2011 KittyBoxLive use to be a webcam modeling agency hence the name but has since converted into an escort service. KBL is now one of many escort services located in Fort Myers Florida that is permitted to operate as an escort service agency that has been an established business providing companionship since March/18/2013. Since the companies start date clients have yet to have a bad experience with its services provided.

What Type of People Use Escort Services ?

Many people use escort services today, you my be finding yourself asking who uses these services, why would anyone want to pay for someones elses time? There are many reasons in which KBL can address some.

  1. You aren’t good at meeting people on your own only there is nothing wrong with that a lot of people or shy .
  2. Work keeps you busy you do not have time to actually go out to meet people. Escort Services acts as a facilitator and puts you in contact with escorts of mutual interests.
  3. Maybe you are lonely in need of someone to talk to that isn’t in your everyday life that won’t judge you based on what they already know about you.
  4. You’re a tourist who doesn’t know the area thats want to be escorted around the town.
  5. Perhaps you are you are in need of a last minute date to a wedding, business meeting or social gathering or just want some companionship at home.

Throughout KBL’s time in business we have provided over 7,886 clients escorts for companionship. We are in the business of people there is nothing more beautiful than helping two or more people meet. KittyBoxLive provides a safe, secure and discreet no strings attached service for discerning men and women that are very private individuals. If you are interested in using KBL’s escort service please read the following to understand the guidelines should you need to ask any questions or do not understand something please do not hesitate to call 239-558-3073.



  • All Clients that want to use services must be 21 +, show ID upon escort arrival.
  • Definition of escort service and or escorts: Escort means any individual person who, for a fee, change, commission, percentage, profit,or consideration, accompanies another individual, or individuals, to or about social functions, places of entertainment, or amusement, or who may consort with others in or about any public place, public resort, or private place or quarters.
  • Money exchange is for legal personal services; those services are for time only for more information please click here.

If you can not agree to the terms and conditions please take your business elsewhere.



Why book from KBL Escort Agency ?

Clients can rest assured knowing that KBL is a licensed escort services permitted to do business in Fort Myers Fl and surrounding cities. Our escorts are also licensed, background checked, fingerprinted individuals permitted to work as escorts in the city and surrounding areas.

What can you expect ?

This is their job whether it be full time, part time or seasonal you can expect escorts to,

1. Be on time
2. Never leave before time (else escort won’t get paid)
3. Provide exceptional service
4. Escorts love their job.

Best form of payment?

Credit card payments are the most secure way to book your appointments and getting the time you paid for. This allows the company to pay models after escort concluded his or her time spent with you to ensure your money’s worth. Making credit card payment prevents models from skipping out on you, else you receive a 100% refund, models are to stay the entire time booked unless agreed upon early departure.

New to the business don’t want to use your credit card?

We suggest that you use a prepaid card or pay cash, but keep in mind by eliminating hand to hand transactions keeps both client and escort safe as well as getting your full hours worth of the escorts time.

Why waste your time buying endless drinks, sending endless emails, endless text messages, verifying pictures, playing phone tag to a beautiful woman or handsome gentlemen to spend the evening with you that goes nowhere. Save your time and money and book from KBL Fort Myers Escorts Service we’ve done 80% of the work for you 20% is when you pick up the phone to call us.

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