Selena Lopez

Selena Lopez
Availability 24/7
Age 23
Ethnicity Cuban
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'5
Weight 125
About Selena Lopez

Hello Gentlemen,

The name is Selena short and simple just as I am. Simple but also an original born in Miami Florida making my debut here In Naples, Florida. I love to see new places and especially travel the world to see new landscapes, I have traveled to a few countries recently, it has become my passion and would love to see new things with the accompany of a new person. My services simply offer a beautiful broad minded young female to accompany you and treat you how a person would love to be treated. With my very outgoing personality and welcoming heart you will surely feel comfortable and confident by my side. My clients love my company because I make them feel listened and cared for the same way I wish to be treated myself. I believe confidence is beauty and I carry just the right amount on my shoulders. I am petite and beautiful, thanks to my tan skin that always stays vibrant under the sun and my dark brown feline eyes that hide all my mysteries. My hair is long curly and full of volume I love to keep it down and wild. Maintenance is a girls best friend, and I keep my body fit daily by also working out and eating healthy. My body is my masterpiece. I can play varies roles, I am very versatile and love change. I spend my own time working and studying on my career while also practicing yoga, meditating and rejuvenating to the sunsets at the beach. I am a Freelance worker,I have many passions that I can share with you. I love to inspire others and heal them mentally and physically. My services also offer someone whom you can confine to if you need a ear to listen or body for comfort. I would not only offer my company but a great time you can depend on.

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    Reviewed by: Om says:

    Wonderful person. Very nice I look forward to seeing her again.

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