Availability 9am - 2am
Age 33
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Height 5'6
Weight 140lbs
Figure Petite
About Kataleya
Hi My name is Kataleya,
I’m 33 years old Cuban but with American blood in my veins, I’m graduated in Business administration and Interior Design also. I love fashion, glam, style and high end decorations. I’m very professional on everything I do, I make business seriously. I’m a business woman who love social events, spending time with People of high class and levels. I’m very well educated and I can accommodate in all kinds of events, I can handle everything I want. I love finest dining and events and I love what I do! I’m bilingual English/Spanish speaker, I’m educated and Glamorous at the same time. I always wanted to be a Model, Actress that give me the opportunity to perform different personalities depend on the roll asked to be performed, yes we can roll play. I’m a people person, I’m sensual, sexy, glam and much more everything included in one package. My biggest Dream as a Professional is become a pilot, I flew a plane almost a year ago and I have learned something after that experience ” think big, dream big sky is the limit” no matter what you do always work hard to get what you want. I love finest dining, outdoor or indoor events, water, 5 star hotels, fancy cars and why not an airplane. I’m ready and open for new adventures always in my life. This is my passion and I really enjoy doing what I like.
I’m very confident If you decide to spend time with me I guarantee you that your money is going to be ten times worth it FOR SURE. You will have the best Impression and experience of your life, believe me life is too short so don’t think about twice and do it, One day is going to be too late for it and there is no ways back, whatever you live now is what you are going to keep. I will make sure you enjoy the company and you will have the biggest pleasure and satisfaction of being the most invidious man of the place, no matter where you go. It will be the most wonderful experience and satisfaction you ever had in your life. Try and you will discover it by yourself. Looking forward to seeing you soon and never forget “NO WORRIES JUST BE HAPPY”.
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