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There is no escort service around like KittyBoxLive being the first licensed service in Fort Myers FL providing a safe no strings attached service. There is a lot of benefits to booking from a legitimate business. People namely society have their own opinions about escort services, but sadly 99.9% of the world have the definition of escorts, prostitutes and human trafficking confused. While you are entitled to your own opinions, we are here to set the record straight.

​​​​​​​Educate Yourself

In continuation, prostitutes get paid for sex, let’s just go ahead and put that out there. Prostitutes are paid for specific sexual acts wham bam thank you ma’am. There is nothing more to say about that matter.

Human trafficking, that is such a huge deal all over the world it is scary to think about booking escorts with the possibility of that said individual/escort is being forced is an unbelievably scary situation for all parties knowing or not.

Unlicensed Independent escorts you know the ones that don’t pay their taxes on the money earned are still prostitutes according to the law. The professional name “Escort” is stolen in place of prostitute giving the profession a bad name.

Escort service business, that is KBL a licensed permitted business in Lee county that employees independent licensed fingerprinted, background checked, drugfree independent contractors.

Benefits: Booking from A Licensed Escort Agency

When dealing with any business you should know about its integrity, accountability and strong customer service attitude.  Our integrity here at KBL is in honor of our Fort Myers escorts paving the way for future escorts to work in a safe, honest and drugfree environment. Simply put we are the escort service done right despite its stigma KittyBoxLive is one of the good ones.

Everyone has questions. The staff of KBL are here to answer all your question after all we are in the people business not just the American dollar, though we take those too. We want you to feel safe and secure rest assured you are in good hands. Any issues with KBL or independent contractor with KBL can be reconciled by speaking directly with the business owner if not resolved by customer service staff.

Have Fun

Enough about that! This is about having fun being catered to stress free relaxation with people of likeminded and or mutual interests. Why waste your time buying endless drinks, sending endless emails, endless text messages, verifying pictures, playing phone tag to a beautiful woman or handsome gentlemen to spend the evening with you that goes nowhere. Save your time and money and book from KBL Fort Myers escorts we’ve done 80% of the work for you 20% is when you pick up the phone to call us.

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