Live Sexy Action

KBL Live Productions


Welcome to KBL live productions.

This is a little different ladies & gents.

This is a whole new level of Adult Entertainment.

This is Purely “Fantasy”


How Does This Work ?

Kitty Box Live Productions will allow clients to put their fantasies in the “Naught Box”.

You’ll have 6 days to either comment or email you fantasy.

All Naughty Fantasies will be locked in Wednesday Nights 11:59 PM


Live Sexy Action 

Will be aired live on Thursday Nights at 9:00 PM

The Actor or Actress on live video feed will then pull your fantasy out the naughty box

and act out your wildest fantasies.



Every Saturday KBL Productions

will post pictures of the individual or couple that will do the live videos.


Access Live Stream

Viewers that are interested in these live video productions

will have to pay an entry fee of $50 to access the live stream.

All Paying Customers must have their Entry Fee paid every Wednesday by 11:59 PM

Once your payment has successfully been taken a link to the live broadcasting will be sent to you

by email or text.


 Let’s Get This Party Started

So kick back relax think of your wildest naughty fantasy

Stay tuned

Every Saturday is a

Hot Girl Summer


Deadline & Live Show Dates

Entry Fee        Live Shows

01/22/2020       01/23/2020

01/29/2020        01/30/2020

02/05/2020        02/06/2020

02/12/2020        02/13/2020

02/19/2020        02/20/2020

02/26/2020       02/27/2020