Fort Myers Escort Service Southwest Fl

Fort Myers Escort Service Southwest Fl

KittyBoxLive has been here since 2013. We’ve been providing outstanding services to our local residents and tourist of Southwest Fl five years and still going strong. We here at KittyBoxLive take our business very seriously. We listen to the people we want to find out more about you. If you are looking for an escort service and want to be taken well care of pick an escort service that caters. We want you to be happy as you are spending your hard earned money and you should be satisfied with the time you’ve paid for. Business here isn’t all about the money though that part is good too we focus more on what it you are looking for and how we can help you.

User Bio

Let me tell you what is so great about the “User Bio”. When you sign up! YES we know there are questions you want to ask but we know that you should not be asking.  Talk about them in your Bio. Tell us about your interest, fantasies, fetishes and desires. Bio is a way to let us know so that we may choose a companion that is better suited for you. KittyBoxLive having a better understanding of who you are will insure that you have the best experience sought from an escort service.

Escort Agency

Please understand that KittyBoxLive is an escort agency. We do not have independent escorts that you a call in freely speak with.  However there are some exceptions if you purchased one of our membership packages. Back to the point, we are an escort agency which means all bookings go through us be it verbally, text, email or the use of our online booking system. Please do not try and negotiate prices. The rates are set the way that they are so that everyone is happy. There is such a thing the higher the price the better quality. In this case you will get a happier more willing escort than the ones that will run off with your money. KittyBoxLive oversees everything and you can rest assured knowing that we are a fair and trusted business.


I’m sure you’ve heard a slur of bad things about KittyBoxLive. That is because KBL has a no tolerance for any unprofessional-ism. We only work with upscale men and women. KBL does not send escorts on car dates, hotels rated under 3 starts, bars, alleyways, bathrooms or any place deemed unsuitable. If you are looking for something that low class we suggest you try your chances else where. KittyBoxLive is the only escort service in Fort Myers Southwest Fl that you’ll be guaranteed 5 Star Service. Pick up the phone and booked today!