Discrete Credit Card Payments

Discrete Credit Card Payments

No more services will be lost because of fear of an know escort agency showing up on your bank statements. We at KBL have come up with a solution that is very discrete for individuals seeking services. In the near future when prompted to pay with you master or visa card you will be navigated to a secure payment platform. This specific payment platform will prompt you to buy a virtual gift card of your choice. The gift card number is sent immediately after your purchase to the email provided. Once you receive the context card number in email you an use the gift card to purchase services.  We would like to thank those that have expressed their concerns about the discretion of credit card payment methods. We are pleased that we were able to yet again accommodate you in the best way possible.


KBL no longer offers the gift card payment it has become very time consuming for paying clients. Clients are still able to book escorts time discreetly paying with their credit card with our discrete billing. Nothing related to an escort service will show up on your bank statements. We can most certainly understand not wanting this showing up on anything financial. Therefore you will be billed by our Antique shop “Lehigh Antique Collections”. Please be advised that any time purchased with our company will be from that merchant. Cash is king however when dealing with an escort service and to insure you get your moneys worth credit card purchases are ideal it keeps everyone honest and safe when it comes to the law. Eliminating hand to hand transactions makes it very difficult for entrapment by law enforcement.

Thank you for choosing KittyBoxLive as your service provider and check the website periodically for updates!

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