No Robots

Clock watchers

When I say No robot escorts, I mean we are not interested in hiring clock watching robot escorts. We are not interested in hiring emotionless, impassive, unsentimental, passionless escorts. Yes, this is a job where you can make thousands of dollars but you must understand that this is much more than about money. Clients do not like clock watchers or professionals that aren’t interested in anything but the money. You may feel like you do a great job of covering up your shallow ways, but trust it is easily seen right through.

More than just a job

They are people just like you regardless that they pay for your time. In that moment in time you could be that one thing in their life that makes all the difference. We only hire escorts that genuinely love what they do and we take feedback from our clients very seriously if you appear stoic our client will know what time it is and we will most certainly let you go; If you aren’t a peoples person this job isn’t for you.

If you want to be robot escorts take your chances as an independent escort. No offense towards the independent escorts but we would prefer human beings with more than three settings. The need for human interaction is essential to longevity without it could be detrimental to your health. There are others ways to meeting people however this could be time consuming. That is why we are in place to act as your facilitator for those busy, shy or socially awkward people who may need a helping hand.

Our Thanks to you

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