Ladies of Southwest Florida

While we may advertise that we are looking for young, beautiful, petite girls 21 plus don’t be discouraged. We are also looking for the mature, classy, sophisticated, tight bodied ladies of Fort Myers and surrounding areas. I am talking to all the ladies in that need a life outside of their husbands, partners or significant others. Don’t you want to get out have fun while making money at the same time and still be catered to?

Take time to yourselves and razzle dazzle in the life of an escort. There are still some real men out there not yet ready to blow out their touch and pass the flames on to the younger generation who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ? It is never too late to have fun so if you are looking to add some spice in your life while making money at the same time spending your time in the company of an older, respectful, gentlemen in Southwest Fl let’s get you working as an escort, we have men 45 plus interested in meeting upscale classy women like you, call us today and lets get you started!

We have clients from different backgrounds and cultures the possibilities are endless. You may find yourself having the time of your life flying all around the country. The clients here aren’t your average individuals they are people of status interested in having a great time.  This job isn’t for everyone yes you get paid tons of money being someones companion but it should not always be about money, but the adventure. You will meet people that you never knew could show you new things and have a different outlook on life.

So, if you are an older woman 40 + not yet ready to slow down, apply here.