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college escorts

Are you a young, beautiful, college escort that’s a student of our local colleges looking to make ends meet?

Tired of working your 9 – 5 job?

Tired of putting up with your lousy self entitled supervisor screaming in your ear about something so petty to assert authority?

Do you need your school loans, car loans, phone bills paid?

This Is The Job for You

If you are a college student 21 years or older that looks like you belong on the runway we want you. Do you attend FGCU(Florida Gulf Coast University), FSW(Florida Southwestern College), Hodges University or any local colleges? Located within Naples to Port Charlotte eager to make extra or thousands of dollars KBL is for you. No experience as an escort it is okay we will train you to be the best companion as you can possibly be. We will even help get you licensed as this is a licensed professions job. You will file a 1099 at the end of the year paying your own taxes.

Be Your Own Boss

Looking for a job that allows you to have a flexible schedule be your own boss, make as much money as you want ? Start your path to financial freedom as a independent licensed contractor with our escort service. Not interested in being an escort yourself, but know of other people that may be interested in working as an escort ? Great! refer them and we will pay you a referral free between $120 – $200 dollars. That is only once the escort you referred actually gets hired and has his or her first job.

If you are a young, hot, sexy, petite college student looking to make thousands of dollars. Pick up the phone and call us at 844-548-8926. We are open from 8am-5pm so if you really think you got what it takes to become one of our top models put your application in here Now Hiring.

We are a team here at Kitty Box Live and there is no I in team.

The more you are on time to your appointments, dress accordingly and receive great reviews. The harder the agency will work for you!