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Fort Myers Escort Agency

KittyBoxLive Escort Agency is proud to say that we are happy we’ve set up shop here in this city. There are many people here looking for the services that we provide. People are also skeptical about who to call and can they trust such agencies. We strive to answer all your questions and provide you with best experience possible. “A celebrity experience” that is what you will tell your friends.

Our goal here is to service each individual client of KittyBoxLive as if he or she is the only client that matters. When you are intuitive and sincere about a person’s needs the better relationship you will have. Communication is the key here to understand exactly what it is that you need and for us to do are very best to accommodate “you” there is no one person the same and we will not treat you as such.


KBL’s clientele base is growing more and more everyday with the great efforts we take to please our clients. We do everything here to perfection if possible we are a no tolerance company, we do not make exceptions for clients or escorts if it violates any safety procedures we have in place. Rules and Regulations are put in place for a reason we strongly encourage you take the time to read about the company before booking.  The reason we have stayed open so long and without any troubles from authorities is because we walk it like we talk it.

Current clients, tourists and potential clients can rest assured knowing that we value your business thus we value your need for discretion our outstanding service has kept us afloat here and Fort Myers Fl and we only intend on expanding towards the east coast very soon.


Clients New and Current trust us to do background checks on every escort that we hire to ensure no danger comes to to those that book from us, Escort here if booked for an hour the escort must give you all 60 minutes of his or her time unless agreed upon mutual departure. All transactions are paperless to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth escorts days of skipping out on clients are non-existent here. Should an escort not show up for his or her appointment at the time requested clients will receive a full refund, the only time clients are not refunded is if the model does show up. Many services aren’t as strict as we are but that’s why their system in place breaks or fails.

If you want to see personally why KBL’s Escort Agency is #1 fill out our client screening requirement process and see for yourself, start booking with us today for a unless time of adventures with the company of gorgeous women and handsome men of your caliber, you are one click, text or phone call from being a celebrity client with KBL.