Regional accreditation is a “seal of approval” granted to institutions by one of 6 regional accrediting bodies (e.g. Applicants with a bachelor's degree in a non-architecture field are advised to apply to the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) 3+ program. The University of Florida School of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Master of Architecture programs accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board, a Master of Science in Architecture and numerous programs that allow for specialization within the field of architecture and urban planning. In other words, you may find it easier to offer your professional services to another state or jurisdiction after you’ve earned your initial license. Graduates of the school are well sought after in the labor market and are recruited by world-class organizations which are quite good. The School of Architecture at the University of Utah offers a pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree. Some, such as the Bienenstock Furniture Library Scholarship, are given based on need. Ranking fourth in the world for architecture degrees, the school has achieved very high scores across all four indicators. Graduate certificates allow students to further specialize in the field. The school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, preparing students for the National Architectural Accrediting Board-approved Bachelor of Architecture or Masters of Architecture programs. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. It is therefore not surprising that the school is also one of the top 10 Best architecture universities in the world. The M. Arch. Then the next step is practical advice. That topic is a strong theme of the department, which also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Historic Preservation. In the program, students gain drawing and drafting skills, design a variety of residential units, and work directly with clients in group projects. The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a pre-professional program preparing students for the Master of Architecture, accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, or the Master of Landscape Architecture, accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board. For students who have a baccalaureate degree in a non-architectural field, a three-year MArch program is available. The school performed very well for the indicators measuring research impact and H-index, which is not surprising given UCB’s standing as the leading institution among ten research universities that are affiliated with the University of California system. Students of the school are expected to master the technical subjects but are also expected to acquire a deep understanding of the theoretical, historical and cultural context of architecture. Options for non-NAAB-accredited undergraduate degrees include: Talk to your academic advisor about your options. The Master of Landscape Architecture program also takes three years to complete. If you’re intent on becoming a licensed architect, you have a variety of choices. For master's candidates who didn't study architecture as undergrads, UB offers a 3.5-year M.Arch. MSU is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board. The architecture programs run by the school rank as some of the best in the world which is why the school makes it into this list of top 10 Best architecture schools in the world. The institute also offers a Master of Architecture (MArch) degree that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). As we discussed in our section on degree choices, you must have a BArch, MArch, or DArch in order to become a licensed architect. The best architecture schools in the world offer your world-class education that will enlighten your mind and broaden your perspective about your chosen course of study. The MArch II is intended for students who have completed a professional, 5-year BArch (or its equivalent) and wish to expand their field of expertise or specialize in a certain area (e.g. They design the buildings, landscapes, ships, and structures upon which we rely. BLA students can take advantage of study abroad and internship opportunities to broaden their education. Upper division coursework includes classes in architectural theory, site and urban design, materials construction, and building technology. Architectural tech majors are eligible for the Bryan K. Frantz Scholarship, up to $2,000 annually. Students have the opportunity to put their knowledge to action through designing and building projects for Native American reservations, in developing nations or in conjunction with area non-profit agencies. Although you won’t be able to practice as an architect with an associate’s degree, you may be able to find entry-level work with architectural firms and companies that provide engineering services.

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