I presumed all jellies have an easy recipe. So, I am inspired and planted the idea of making this dessert at home. Osmanthus is a plant which produces flowers called gui hua (or cinnamon flower or cassia flower). Soak wolf berries in water and set aside. I love well chilled Osmanthus Flower Jelly dessert every time I dine at Chinese Restaurants. Bring water to a boil. Cosmetics – Making facial masks or lip balms? Mar 23, 2017 - This agar-agar dessert with dried osmanthus flower and goji berries are very simple to prepare, and they are vegan friendly and gluten-free. Refreshing, delicious and healthy. 100 o C; 10m ; 3; Step 3 . ~ “Gui Hua Gao” (Osmanthus Flower Infused Konyaku) ~ I love well chilled Osmanthus Flower Jelly dessert every time I dine at Chinese Restaurants. Soups – Osmanthus flowers can be added in soups as well, to enhance flavour. I love it and I don't find any strong smell or taste of the osmanthus. We came across a recipe when we were researching snacks for Chinese New Year, so of course we had to try it! DIY Osmanthus Flower & Longan Jelly Mooncake. The osmanthus flower gives this dish a light scent and calming fragrance that’s simply soothing for an after-meal finish. In other news, I PASSED MY BASIC DRIVING THEORY! Osmanthus Flower and Goji Berry Jelly (桂花糕) I quite enjoyed the flavor of osmanthus jelly when I had it at a restaurant during dim sum and declared to my other dining companions that I could easily recreate it at home. [1] [2] It has crystal clear, sweet, and soft waxy characteristics. Both … 1 teaspoon dry osmanthus. Ingredients. Think its kinda boring to make fruits konnyaku jelly. Step by Step: 1. The flowers are used to infused with tea leaves to create a scented tea called gui hua cha. 3. Put 1000g of water with osmanthus flower in mixing bowl and boil. If you can, please help us to do more to bring the … Mix konnyaku powder with sugar and sprinkle into boiling water by the spoonsful. 98 o C; 10m ; 3; Step 2 . Dried Osmanthus flowers can be found in most traditional medical halls. I … Pour jelly solution into mould and set it aside to cool. 4 tbsp Osmanthus Flower; 108 pcs of wolf berries (3 pcs each for 1 pc of jelly) View Step-by-step Cooking Method Step 1 . Compared to normal syrup, it’s lighter in flavor and has a refreshing flowery aroma. Afterall, this dessert comes with a not-so-easy price tag for the wallet! Osmanthus fragrans is a flower native to China that is valued for its delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma. When I was in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago, one of my shopping missions was to buy some dried Last week end somebody make this osmanthus jelly and I got to try it at last. Ingredients: 2 teaspoons agar-agar powder. Wait till the sugar and gelatine is fully dissolved. Put in dried osmanthus flowers and let it simmer for another minute. Pretty don't you think so? Osmanthus Flower Jelly 桂花果冻 Had a pack of konnyaku jelly powder sitting in the cabinet for so long. Herbal Turtle Jelly and Sweet Osmanthus Cake (Gui Hua Gao) are both famous desserts in China. Those who know me know that I say this a lot and nothing ever really materializes from these declarations. Today I wanted to make some jellies that use osmanthus flowers (桂花). L'olivier odorant (Osmanthus fragrans Lour.) Allow jelly to cool down to room temperature for about 20 minutes. In a pot, boil water & agar agar powder. (If you find that there are too much osmanthus flower in the jelly solution, scoop it away.) I like making jellies because there are just so many combinations of flavors, colours and shapes one can play with. Divide wolfberries equally in the mould and fill with mixture. Osmanthus Syrup (糖桂花, tang gui hua) is is made from fresh osmanthus flowers and white sugar. PRICE: Watch for free WATCH ON OFFSTAGE WATCH ON FACEBOOK Help Esplanade uplift spirits through the arts It is especially in these uncertain times that the arts can comfort, provide perspective and lift spirits. Osmanthus Jelly is healthy, delicious, and one of the super easy desserts to make at home! Off fire add in osmanthus syrup and soaked wolfberry, mix well. The first recipe we found used only agar to set the jelly. ou osmanthe parfumé, encore appelé olivier de Chine ou olivier à thé, est un arbuste à feuillage persistant de 3 à 10 m de haut, de la famille des Oleaceae (comme l’olivier), aux fleurs très parfumées, originaire d’Asie orientale. Strain of the osmanthus flower and keep aside. It is especially valued as an additive for tea and desserts, which contain lonone, capric acid lipids, linalool as well as vitamins. This dessert is usually served in Cantonese restaurants. The osmanthus flower syrup has a more intense aroma than the dried osmanthus flower. TIME: Sunday, 15:00 - 15:00. Hope you enjoy making it for your family. The mix yield the amount of jelly above and another half a cup which is not photographed. 1 tablespoon honey. A refreshing jelly with strong floral aroma of the Osmanthus is simply delightful after a heavy meal. Our version of this simple dessert includes water chestnuts - just chop it well into the mix and you’ll get that nice additional crunch in your jelly that goes with the sweetness of the wolfberries. It is so easy to be done! 4. Take it out of the pan and let it cool down in a mould with your preferred shape. Besides the osmanthus flower and sugar, the last ingredient besides water is the setting agent. DATE: 27 Sep (Sun) - 27 Sep (Sun) Calendar Google Cal. Gwai Fa Go (Osmanthus Flower Jelly) This is one of my favourite desserts at dim sum. So, I am inspired and planted the idea of making this dessert at home. Once it cold, chill it in the fridge to set. Or it could also be use for abdominal discomfort, toothaches, and bad breath from indigestion (Osmanthus stimulates normal digestive processes). Last updated: Sep 26, 2016 — Published: Sep 26, 2016 — By: Anita — 9 comments This agar-agar dessert with dried osmanthus flower and goji berries are very simple to … It’s a brilliant skin moisturiser. SINGAPORE - If you are feeling cranky from the relentless heat and humidity, cool down with Home / All Recipes / Chinese / Osmanthus and Goji Berry Agar. Once boiling stir in instant jelly powder until they are completely dissolved. The flower is small, yellow in color and it carries a lovely strong and sweet fruity aroma, which is likened apricot and peach. Add the agar agar powder and sugar and bring to boil. Only some time need to be invested. Pour into a heat proof measuring jug and let it cool until warm to touch. A small piece usually costs few Singapore dollars. I had some left after making another dessert and I really like the fragrance of these little flowers. Add dried osmanthus flower and simmer for 5 minutes. 4 rice bowl water. You can omit the wolfberry and use only osmanthus flowers. 5. Osmanthus cake (Chinese: 桂花糕; Cantonese Yale: gwai fā gōu) is a traditional sweet-scented Chinese pastry made with glutinous rice flour, honey sweet-scented osmanthus and rock sugar. It’s a runny, jelly-like syrup that is sweet and infused with the flavor of the osmanthus flower. 50/50 FULL MARKS! 2. Osmanthus flower is the third type of flower i am using to make a dessert. So giving this Osmanthus flower jelly a try which is perfect for the warm weather and not to mention, the health benefits of this flower. In Singapore, I have purchased both of these items at Kwong Cheong Thye at Lorong 27, Geylang at a rather reasonable price. 1 packet … 4. The osmanthus flower gives this dish a light scent and calming fragrance that’s simply soothing for an after-meal finish. Osmanthus Konnyaku Jelly 1L water 10gm konnyaku jelly 200gm fine sugar /caster sugar 1 Tbsp dried osmanthus flowers 1/8 tsp citric/malic acid 1. 1 1/2 tablespoon goji berries . COOKING NOTES. Cook the osmanthus flowers on low fire. However, each time I made an order for this dessert, I would surely feel a pinch for my wallet. May 4, 2016 - Desserts - Tagged: coconut, jelly, osmanthus flower - 3 comments. Osmanthus Flower (桂花) has fragrance that resembles peach or apricots that is light and refreshing.Other than its refreshing fragrance, in the Chinese Medical terms, it is also used to reduce phlegm if you have a bad cough. Anyway, I was inspired to make osmanthus jelly after constantly having it in Chinese restaurants and paying such an exorbitant price for them. To prepare the osmanthus jelly simply follow these steps: Clean the Osmanthus flowers once by rinsing them with water shortly. I never had any balance left when I served these jellies, talk about vanity! Then, pop jelly in the fridge until jelly is set. In China it is named Gui Hua (桂花) Chinese used these flowers to make dessert and tea. Try adding some osmanthus. Feb 14, 2012 - A simple recipe for jelly made with osmanthus flower tea. Adding Osmanthus flower in making jelly is nothing new. 6. Pour osmanthus infused jelly liquid into mould. Osmanthus Jelly is one of the cold desserts I would top on after a hearty meal in a Cantonese restaurant. It held the liquid, but the texture had way too much crunch and not enough of a softer jelly feel. It is a native plant in the warm temperature zone country. woohoo~ Osmanthus Jelly Author: Maureen. Osmanthus and Goji Berry Agar. Add sugar and 3 sheets of gelatine and stir. It can either be konyakku jelly as in the picture below or agar agar powder. It has been a while since I wanted to make Osmanthus Flower Jelly. 4 tablespoons rock sugar. Let the mixture boil for 5 minutes. Add wolfberries and stir for another minute. You could use a strainer or a tea infuser. Stirring after each 2 spoons. :) Recipe source: Cuisine Paradise. Very simple osmanthus jelly recipe Print. Osmanthus Jelly and Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Jelly I used bottled Chrysanthemum tea here instead of plain water for wolfberry jelly.

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