The classic characteristics of cloud computing make this obvious. Automation can be increased in a non-cloud scenario as well. The cost benefit increases once you move higher in the cloud computing stack towards value platforms delivered in a cloud fashion. To cite a real-life example for this category, a multinational automotive distribution, retail and services company reaped cloud business benefits, where cloud services enabled the use of master data management and the ingress of additional data feeds across a variety of channels. Please direct inquiries to Matt Surka at (617) 790 Data Warehouse Database Re-platforming on the raise! For some customers, the use of cloud services is like first-generation outsourcing. These are the value categories I suggest. P�6��;��f�� Everybody knows it is the hottest thing, drives big numbers with a market size of USD 371.4 billion 1 and still, even cloud enthusiasts fail to clearly express its business value and precise cloud business benefits. In deciding whether hosting a service in the cloud makes sense over the long term, it is argues that the fine-grained economic models enabled by Cloud Computing make trade-off decisions more fluid, and in particular the elasticity offered by clouds serves to transfer risk. Whether you are offering services or developing physical or virtual products, this is where you create value. Other than some startups which are 100% in the cloud, enterprises will have a mix of old and new for the foreseeable future. Cloudonomics provides deep insights into the business value of the Cloud for executives, practitioners, and strategists in virtually any industry—not just technology executives but also those in the marketing, operations, economics, venture capital, and financial fields. Enabling means the use of cloud computing creates value by enabling other areas in the enterprise ecosystem to be faster, more efficient and more flexible. The principles in which cloud computing impacts the business will stay the same while the topics themselves change. In business, using the cloud means giving everyone in the company the ability to share their news, ideas, and info with one another instantly and from anywhere, which can be beneficial in a number of ways… What Good Looks Like In Mobile Apps for Manufacturers? Buy this book eBook . The business value of cloud computing for insurance Figure 1: Cloud computing for service delivery. And who could imagine a book on IT infrastructure and strategy could be a great read too? Just make sure current HR policies and approaches don’t hobble … It is difficult to let go and there is fear of losing control. Whether you're ready for it or not, Cloud computing is here to stay. In addition, … The Real Business Value Add of Cloud Computing 07/27/2017 By Simplistic IT Solutions The best thing about utilizing Cloud Computing in your business is that you are renting a service rather than outright purchasing a specific product or service. Some examples are: CarrotCube: As a device agnostic population health and care collaboration platform, CarrotCube is the next-gen care coordination solution. The beauty of today’s IT market is that there are always alternatives and even more so in the world of cloud computing. In addition, parts of cloud services can be provided and procured from different clouds (public versus private versus hybrid cloud). Please Check on "I Agree" to register for the blog. With cloud-based HPC offerings there are so many more projects now that can use HPC effectively. If you look at the business architecture map showing all the different domains that make the business tick, you can apply three categories. One of the benefits of cloud computing is increased efficiency; services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of minutes versus the … Distributed Agile Delivery Model Approach, Application Strategy and Digital Transformation Series – Part 1, Application Strategy and Digital Transformation Series – Part 2, Application Strategy and Digital Transformation Series – Part 3, Application Strategy and Digital Transformation Series – Part 4, ‘Prediction is Power’ – A Predictive Insight to Software Testing, Deterrents to a Successful Business Transition, Blockchain 101 – The Next Big Shift in Technology, Blockchain 101 – The Next Big Shift in Technology – Part-2, Disrupt and Redefine your Customer Experience, Blockchain 101 – The Next Big Shift in Technology – Part-3, Blockchain 101 – The Next Big Shift in Technology – Part-4, You asked, we answered: Top 5 questions about automation for insurance carriers, Smartphones getting Smarter with Artificial Intelligence, Test Data Management – Solution by IBM infosphere Optim. Cloud computing offers companies creative ways to address how they utilize IT, which in turn frees them up to focus on what matters most – their business objectives. Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce your costs by using the resources of your cloud computing service provider. High speed and high visibility as well as high impact are typical for this area. Cloud computing is where data is stored, managed and processed on a network of servers hosted remotely on the internet. If the only value of a product is about creating fear of using public cloud and not having its own convincing value proposition, I suggest you should not attribute much credit to that. Do not let it sit at the infrastructure level/with the infrastructure team only, Apply Design Thinking to identify value areas important to your customers and utilize cloud services to create the formerly unthinkable, Test, trial, play and look at cloud capabilities beyond compute and storage, existing and coming, Look at examples from other industries and try to apply these to new challenges/value propositions in yours, Apply the architecture categorization and focus on processes and applications that drive the most value first, Work with a network of partners, from nimble and creative to powerful and scalable. It is an area that needs to be addressed well to fully harness the power of cloud while keeping cost in check. These are services that must function as part of the enterprise but that have zero impact on your end product themselves. What is cloud computing then? One could also argue that the evolution of application architecture towards cloud-native applications is an enabling factor. An Integration Framework for Salesforce-oriented Enterprise Architecture: E-Commerce and Salesforce – Match made in heaven ? By doing so, and I admit this is arguably a relief topic, you can focus your people, resource and money on the business value creating processes and products. It is one thing to say that cloud computing makes life better because everybody says it does, versus saying cloud computing will make this company more than $50 million dollars over the next 5 years. It has become highly popular with businesses because it offers considerable savings together with high security, enormous capacity and a host of managed services. Preview. The ultimate guide to assessing and exploiting the customer value and revenue potential of the Cloud A new business model is sweeping the world—the Cloud. Business Value of Cloud Computing in South Africa The African Journal of Information Systems, Volume 8, Issue 2, Article 1 5 was the key enabler of cloud computing. While bottom-up is obviously technology driven, aiming to reduce the technical debt and reducing licensing and operational cost, what is the driver for top-down? The customers I have met would rather have their team focus on enabling the DevOps world and the secure use of multi-cloud than bolting blades into racks. The basis for successful cloud computing business models is partnership relationships founded on trust and security in networks. The way to define a cloud computing strategy and the resulting priorities is top-down and bottom-up. This is no surprise, as cloud computing only is a headline and the values under it are spread over a vast range of technologies and … Disclaimer: Yes, this is a cultural change and you should manage that carefully. Why does Cloud computing matter to business? Not directly the digital forefront and often including legacy areas that prohibit fast change, this is nonetheless the spine of your business. The easiest definition is “the provision of IT services and capabilities over the internet”. I remember, back in the day, when I started to talk on  the stage about cloud computing (This is my 13th year in cloud business, full time) I would ask audiences a few simple questions to raise cloud awareness. Keep that in mind as you create the business case and sell cloud computing to your executive team.

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