What I really like about KBL is that you get what you pay for and what I can say fellas is unlike backpage where you got to almost scope the girl out you don’t have to do that here, no bullshit just book the model she comes over and shes not in a rush she listens to me, great service.


KBL has made booking an escort the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had, I will be booking from you every time I’m here in town for business thank you for the excellent service.


I booked over the weekend while the special was going I see they’ve extended it, I have a great time with Audrey Lane, she came out to Port Charlotte and was great company. I think I will be booking from here often even more once they get new models, ┬áread the ” want to avoid jail ” post and you will see why, good service great people that run the company.


Being a new client and that I’ve never booked from this agency before I was extremely happy at how well I was taken care of. Akasha was very professional and also gave me a discount earning my trust, I had a great time with Catherine I will call again, what I liked most was that they are licensed, I still can’t believe the is such a thing, but it makes me feel safe, there is no catch you pay for time and is issued a donations are whats ┬álisted on the rate page. Great company and models thank you for the service.


I was skeptical but I called anyway in you know what my experience was great I will call again.