To all my fellow “Black” professional men that are wanting to book unlike them independent bitches this place doesn’t discriminate money is green no matter who gives it to you ya feel me.


Here’s my update I met with Natasha very gorgeous sexy woman I had a great time it went better than expected


i use a lot of services and pretty girls that work on there own but you got to scope em out cuz ya neva know ya know and backpage craigslist and them other ones just take to much time i call kbl and they send girl in like a hour Natasha Harding is a good one her pics could be better cuz she looks great in person thanks


Found on twitter good service


Hello A.D thanks for following us on twitter yes you are good for the discount.


I use backpage but saw you guys on twitter guess I will try it out, you only have 4 escorts?  Inboxed you on twitter am I good for the discount?


I just want to say I found them on twitter and who knew that this was actually real. I retweeted their tweet and true to their word I was able to get a discount on prices I’ll give you all an update after first meeting.

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Sean Taylor

more older ladies please 40 plus please thank you


Since I’ve been booking the escort is always on time and sometimes we go a little over time they aren’t too strict about it and I always feel comfortable.


The escorts could use better pictures though the few I’ve met look better in person the service for me is most important no so much the looks Alwana Myers is my favorite.


That non-disclosure agreement is dope this made me feel even more secure that they offer it.