New Escorts Coming Soon

We are experiencing a shortage of escorts and it is not because we do not have piles of application that come through in our email everyday. It is by choice in the past we’ve hired escorts that were average. When I say average I mean escorts that don’t go the extra mile to make appointments extra special, escorts that take little pride on their appearance, escorts who don’t understand that first impressions matter, escorts who don’t understand the concept of upkeep and self preservation. We call them Average Jane Does, NO! we want individuals that hold themselves at a higher standard, confident in themselves and know that they are breaking necks where ever they go. These escorts are what we call geishas the ability to stun a man with their doll like looks, mesmerize in their skill and wit, marvel at how knowledgeable and diverse the escort is as well as keeping you entertained and indulged in conversation.

These are the type of escorts we look forward towards working with the type of women our clients are interested in spending their time with else he would seek for average a bar.

If you are more than average in the Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Naples, Port Charlotte areas wanting to work as an escort we are looking for you.

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